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How do I know if magnets will work on my vehicle?

How do I know if magnets will work on my vehicle?

You purchased a magnet sign and just received it at your doorstep. You are excited and ready to install it on your vehicle, fridge door, or other intended surface, but when you go to put it on it slides right off. If this happened to you, you may be wondering why and we have answers!

The answer is pretty simple, magnetic signs only stick to steel surfaces. Today auto and appliance manufacturers are using steel, stainless steel, aluminum, a mixture of multiple metals, fiberglass, and sometimes carbon fiber. Before purchasing a magnetic sign, you will want to make sure it will work on your intended surface. 

This may leave you wondering how to tell what the surface you are purchasing a magnetic sign for is made from. There is one very easy way to tell! Grab a fridge magnet or business card magnet, and try to install it on the car, truck, van, appliance door, or other surface. If it sticks, a magnetic sign will also stick!  

Want more info? Read this helpful buying guide to know the differences in materials and quality of magnets available. 

If you found out that your vehicle door is not magnetic receptive, we have other options available for you, such as outdoor vinyl decals. Reach out to us today for an alternative solution. 

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Karen Lindsey - March 5, 2024

Randy had a great question! If you find that magnets will not stick to your vehicle, the alternative would be to use a more permanent adhesive vinyl decal. We do sell these as well! Reach out to our customer service department at or hit the chat button and someone will be happy to discuss your options.

Randy NARRON - March 5, 2024

I have a 2021 Nissan Rouge.. The doors are made of aluminum alloy. Do you have anything that sticks to this ? Magnetic material does not.

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