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art design elements for magnetic signs

What are the important design elements of creating an effective sign used for advertising?

Sign design starts with the need to get your message out to potential clients, and a little creativity. Begin your sign layout by organizing the key points of the message that you want to get across. You will want the sign to be highly visible and have a request for a specific call to action. For example, visit a website, receive a phone call or text, send an email, or use a coupon code, are just some of the action items you can include. To keep the design clean, it is best to stick to one or two action requests per sign layout. This keeps the layout from becoming cluttered, unreadable from a distance, or confusing to your client or potential customer.

Using easy to read fonts and contrasting colors are a must. When beginning a new design for a sign layout, I always remind myself that “less is more” to be effective. Keeping the design simple and including company branding and colors for easy recognition are key to quality sign design elements. Using high quality graphics that will not become pixelated when enlarged are also an important step. Before you save your file,  read about the different file types in a recent blog post from

When creating your graphics, if possible it is best to hire a professional for the highest quality images that will represent your business for years to come.  If you are do it yourself type of person, consider these few key design points from a graphic designers point of view: color, lines, scale, shape, alignment, contrast, and space. Before you get started on your DIY sign design, you can read more about the  in this article on Hubspot.

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