Installation of Magnetic Signs for Cars, Trucks, and Vans

Installing your car magnets is easy.
Just follow these simple installation instructions:

When you receive your magnetic signs, please lay them on a flat surface for 24 hours at room temperature. This will allow the magnet to be easily applied to a flat surface. 

1. Clean the vehicle and allow for dry time.
2. Line up the vertical edge of the magnet and roll it across the steel surface of the vehicle.
3. Double check to make sure there are no air gaps between the magnetic sign and the vehicle.

*If there are air gaps, remove the car magnets and reapply.

Additional tips for applying car magnets:
-Stay clear of molding, raised lettering, and vehicle trim work.
-Apply your car magnets to a clean flat surface.
-Store your car magnets flat, at room temperature, and never inside the vehicle.
-Magnetic sheeting is flexible and will flex around the slight curvature of the car door.
-Never use a high pressure hose or pressure washer while cleaning your magnetic signs.
-Clean your car magnets more often if you reside in locations where salt is used on the roads during winter.