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Buying Guide for Magnetic Signs

All vehicle magnets are not created equal. Have you noticed when shopping online or locally for vehicle magnets that the prices vary greatly from shop to shop? Usually, this price difference is quality driven. The lower the cost, the lower the quality.

Some of the best questions to ask when shopping for magnetic vehicle signs will start with the manufacturing process, not with the price. To help you along and choose the right company to work with, outlined below are some of the best questions to ask, and the answers you will want to receive about the product you are purchasing.

What is the best thickness to use for car magnets or magnetic signs that will be installed on a moving vehicle? According to Magnum Magnetics, the leading US made supplier of magnetic sign material,  “ A 30 mil sheeting is recommend for use on vehicles.”. -CSR, Mike Kenney from Magnum Magnetics

What is the life expectancy of a magnetic sign on a vehicle? The life expectancy of your magnets will greatly depend on not only the quality of the materials, but how well you care for them as well. Magnets require care and cleaning often. You can view the care and cleaning for magnetic signs by clicking here. With proper care and cleaning, 

What method will be used to print on the magnets? If the signs be made with die cut adhesive vinyl, you will want to make sure they are produced using an outdoor durability that will last at least more than 3 years. If the magnetic signs will be printed using a large format digital printer, you will want to confirm the ink is a pigmented ink to prevent fading. You can read more about pigmented ink by clicking here.

If the magnetic signs will be printed digitally, will the car magnets have a laminate to protect them from fading, wear and tear? A good quality laminate will protect your printed magnetic signs from not only moisture and the elements, but also from fading in all climates. Always request a laminate thickness of at least 2 mil or more on your digitally printed magnetic signs.

Does the company offer a warranty on the magnetic signs? Always inquire about the warranty. A company that stands behind it’s product normally doesn’t cut corners when it comes to quality. Most sign companies will not warrantee a magnetic sign at all. offers one of the best warranties in the industry, with a new sign replacement sign within 1 year of purchase if you experience fading, peeling, or cracking with your magnet signs.

 Will a magnet sign stick to every vehicle? Magnets are only going to stick to a steel surface area. You can test your vehicle to see it if is steel by trying to stick a fridge magnet or business card magnet to where you want to install your magnetic vehicle signs. If the fridge/ business card magnet sticks, a magnetic vehicle sign will stick as well. If the fridge magnet doesn’t stick, your vehicle is most likely made of aluminum or fiberglass. In that case, you would not want to purchase a magnetic sign, but may consider an adhesive vinyl decal instead.