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clean surface and magnetic sign with a damp cloth

Summer Magnetic Sign Care & Storage Tips

Summer care for custom magnetic vehicle signs is important to keep them looking great and to extend their longevity. Magnetic signs are an affordable and effective advertising tool, but they do require some care and cleaning, especially in the hot and humid summer months. Protect your investment by following these easy care and cleaning steps. 

Summer Care & Cleaning of Magnetic Signs

Remove and re-install your magnets every day to check for moisture and dirt build up. If you find you have some dirt or moisture build up between your vehicle and your magnetic sign, simply wipe down the magnet and vehicle surface with a clean damp cloth and allow it to dry before re-installing it. When washing your vehicle, please remember to remove them before entering a car wash or You can read the full care and cleaning instructions that came with your magnetic signs by clicking here.

Summer Magnetic Sign Storage

Vehicle temperatures in the cabin and trunk of a car, truck or van can become exceedingly high very quickly. For the times that you want to remove your magnets, please do not store them inside a vehicle or in the trunk. When stored in a hot vehicle, the magnets will become warped and lose their shape. This will cause issues with them sticking to your vehicle when you are ready to use them again. It is best to store your signs indoors at room temperature. 

In conclusion, follow the outlined steps above to keep your magnets in great shape and working for you while you drive and park. If you find your magnets are failing after leaving them inside your vehicle or failure to clean them, please reach out to our customer service department at 812-936-7446. When you call, kindly let us know what happened and we will be happy to give you a reorder discount code. 

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