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Blank Magnetic Signs to Meet HOA Regulations for Commercial Vehicles

Blank Magnetic Signs to Meet HOA Regulations for Commercial Vehicles

You just moved into that beautiful new house, apartment, or condo and within the first week, you find your HOA is calling about your company vehicle being parked in the driveway overnight. It has come to our attention that homeowner associations across the country are writing in their regulations that you can't park in your driveway if you have commercial advertising on your vehicle. That can be an issue if you drive a company car, truck or van with logos or other company advertising on it, or if you want to advertise your small business on your vehicle but need a removable solution. 

If you are looking for the easiest solution to get the HOA off your back, you have found the right place! We have many clients across the country using blank magnetic signs to cover company logos, phone numbers, or other vehicle advertising just to park in their own driveways. For this reason alone, we started offering our blank magnet material in many different sizes and colors as well as 24" wide magnet rolls for those vehicles that have a lot of lettering or full wraps on their company cars. Just measure the area you need to cover, and chose the size magnet or roll that will best suit your car. When you are ready to end your  HOA fight click here to order your blank magnets.  The magnets will stick to any steel surface that has company logos or advertising installed on it, and they are meant to be installed and removed every day, which makes them the perfect alternative to off street parking outside the HOA gate. 

If you are looking to advertise your small business and want to avoid running into issues with your homeowners association, magnetic signs are the perfect solution, and we make those too! You can view all of our fully removable HOA approved custom magnetic signs by heading to the following link: Custom Magnets

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