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Lawn Care Industry, Affordable Advertising to a New Demographic

Lawn Care Industry, Affordable Advertising to a New Demographic

The spring time has arrived and the lawns are needing to be mowed in much of the US, I know my yard has been mowed twice already this year. I recently read the state of the industry report for the lawncare industry that discussed the growth for landscape and lawn mowing businesses nationally. According to*, one of the challenges lawncare companies are facing is rapid growth among younger homeowners aged 30-40 contracting their services. In addition, this age based demographic prefers to communicate electronically. That being said, one of the best ways to advertise to these potential new clients is to get your cell number for texting and your website in front of them. One affordable way to get this to them is by installing great looking magnetic signs from WholesaleMagneticSigns.comon your vehicle while you are parked on the job! Not only will they see your professional work vehicles, they will see the exemplary job you do on their neighbor’s yard. Without being disrupted on the job, they can scan your QR Code, send you a quick text message, check out your services on your website and boom, just like that you have a new client!  

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