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Are Magnetic Signs Effective for Advertising?

Are Magnetic Signs Effective for Advertising?

When driving around town, we see magnetic signs on vehicles every day. Sometimes you will see those same vehicles more than once in a day, just dropping the kids at school, going to the store, or running errands. When you see them initially, you may not think much about it until you see a magnetic sign on a vehicle advertising a service you need. When you do, you remember that service, and that sign. You may not remember the company name, or catch the phone number initially, but then the very next day, you see that car again displaying beautiful eye catching magnetic signs, and you jot that website and phone number down, or take a quick photo of it so you can get the company contact info, you call or go to their site and a new relationship is made.

 With this in mind, think of all the vehicles you pass in a day, or the vehicles and people that pass your vehicle when you are parked in a large parking area, or on the street in town. With a magnetic sign installed on your vehicle, the number of impressions your business will get within your community will put your company or organization repeatedly in potential customer’s minds. Weighing the costs of advertising today, for as little as $18.00 per magnet for an 18x12” car magnet sign from, it will most likely pay for itself the first day you install it. That being said, don’t consider a magnetic sign, you NEED a magnetic sign today! Don’t miss out on potential new clients by driving around in a naked vehicle. Outfit your car, truck, or company van using your logo, your images, or go with just text for a simple easy to read magnetic sign!

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