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Best Magnetic Signs for Vehicles

Best Magnetic Signs for Vehicles

Many people ask about the best magnetic signs to use for vehicles. After 21 years in the magnetic sign business, we have found that the 030 mil sheeting from Magnum Magnetics works the best. It is specifically made for use on vehicles. It lasts 3 to 5 years outdoors with proper care and cleaning. It has a 90lb pull rating to keep it on your vehicle while you are driving down the road. 

The material is a rubberized magnetic sheet that has a printable vinyl coating to be used in large format printers. The magnetic signs are then coated with a protective laminate to keep the colors looking bright and clean.   

There are many materials available to us, but USA made Magnum Magnetics is the only material we offer here at We test new materials all the time, and nothing compares. 

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