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QR Codes and How They Can Work for You

QR Codes and How They Can Work for You

I bet you have seen this thing or something like it all over the place lately. They're on menus, in magazines, on websites, printed on products...what are they? They are called "QR Codes" (short for Quick Response Code) and they are the new, easy way to get traffic to your business. 

Let's say that you have a brand or service that you want to advertise. It can be hard to grab a potential customer's attention, not to mention trying to migrate them to an online setting, with just a printed advertisement. With a QR Code, guiding a potential customer to your website or product page is as simple as taking a picture...literally.

QR Codes are readable codes that contain data your smartphone can scan with its camera setting. Simply point like you're taking a picture of the QR Code and it will scan it. After the camera scans your unique QR Code, the customer will be presented with the information on that code. So, if you were to link to your website in your unique code, your code will automatically send them to your website. Simple point and click!

Let us help you get your own unique QR Code! Using our software, we would embed your information into the code. Then, we would take the custom generated QR Code and send you either a digitally printed QR Code sticker made with high quality, long lasting outdoor vinyl or an easily removable magnetic option. To ensure you get long time usage, both products come laminated with UV coating.

The possibilities for QR Codes are only limited to you and your imagination. Do not miss this opportunity to take your business one step further into the digital world!

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