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Magnetic Sign Winter Care

Magnetic Sign Winter Care

The weather has turned on us again! Biting, bitter cold and winds confirm: Winter is here. In some areas, that means snow will be coming, which means rock salt will be on the roads and we know that means extra vehicle care. For those of us with magnetic signs on our vehicles, we have a little extra EXTA vehicle care because we must keep these magnetic signs clean and adhering to our cars!
Magnetic signs require a little more maintenance than a vinyl decal, especially during winter and in areas where road salt is used. Please remember to remove your magnet and clean both sides of it daily with a mild detergent. This will prevent dirt and moisture from building up between your vehicle and the back of the magnet. Dirt and dust will weaken the magnetic bond. Remember to let it dry completely before installing it on the vehicle!
After cleaning both sides of your magnetic sign, store the magnet flat indoors and never inside your vehicle.  Always bring your magnets back to room temperature before installing them back on the vehicle after a cleaning, you want it to be flexible and pliant so it can really hug onto your vehicle. Then, install them flat so that air can't get underneath them and blow them off.
Done and done! Following these winter care tips can help keep your magnetic signs lasting long and looking great!
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