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Ways to Use Magnetic Materials for Branding and Marketing

Ways to Use Magnetic Materials for Branding and Marketing

Business marketing is important to get your name out, build brand awareness and keep your business on new and existing clients minds. There are several ways to market and promote your business. You will likely want to use one or more of the many tools available such as signage, social media posts, targeted emails, and internet search advertising. One great tool that many over look is magnetic promotional products.

Business marketing magnets are effective ways to promote your business and increase brand awareness. Getting high-quality and durable magnets is essential so your marketing efforts last. Wholesale Magnetic Signs can create custom magnets to help you market your business. We use our extensive industry knowledge to meet your specifications and efficiently get your product to you. Explore our products and contact our team for more information or to discuss custom products.

There are many ways to use magnets to promote your business, school, or non-profit. From magnetic business cards, to magnetic schedules, lets review the options!

1. Magnetic Car Signs are the perfect affordable solution for keeping your business visible on the go. These magnetic sheets are strong enough to withstand tough conditions, so your branding can stay intact wherever you travel. Quick and easy to install, you can now promote your business without the time, complexity and cost of car wraps or painting.

2. Use your logo or photos and turn them into a personalized magnet with customization services. Our magnets are the perfect way to keep your brand in sight, whether on the fridge or filing cabinet. With plenty of space for information and a simple setup, you can have your logo proudly displayed in your customers' homes.

3. Business card magnets make a great marketing tool for businesses. Not only do they save space in customers’ wallets, but they can also be stuck to refrigerators, filing cabinets, and other surfaces for long-term visibility. They are more likely to be held on to by customers as opposed to a standard paper stock card. Magnetic business cards add a unique touch, creating a memorable impression with potential customers.

4. Magnetic calendars keep your business front and center in your customers' daily lives. Perfect for hanging on metal surfaces, these physical calendars are an efficient way to advertise your business logo - without the bulkiness of standard calendars. Keep your clients informed and engaged all year long, and consider sending out a calendar magnet for added visibility.

5.Magnetic photo frames are a great way to promote your business while displaying photos of family and friends. Unlike regular magnets, these frames will not cover any of the photo, providing a clear view of the image and a subtle reminder of your brand. With no extra effort, you can make your business stand out and stay in customers’ minds.

6. Create sports schedules that are perfect for your team. Featuring your name and logo, these magnetic calendar schedules provide your team’s fans with an easy way to stay up to date on upcoming games. These make a great marketing opportunity and a way to show support for local teams that you sponsor.

7. Let your customers know that you offer delivery services with your branded logo magnets in the shape of a delivery van. Perfect for advertising your services with your contact phone number, these eye-catching magnets will help your business stand out and draw attention to your delivery capabilities.

8.Make an impression with custom die-cut magnets. Choose virtually any shape and design to create custom magnets that fit your logo and stand out from the crowd. Perfect for specialized businesses or those with unique designs, die-cut magnets are the best way to promote your brand with a truly unique fridge or vehicle magnet.

9. Magnetic coupons provide a unique way to reward customers and build loyalty. Customers can keep their coupons visible by attaching it to a refrigerator, filing cabinet, or other metal surface. Magnetic coupons allow customers to be reminded of the offer before it expires, inevitably leading to a greater success rate of customers returning and using the promotional service.

10.Save the Date Magnets are an effective way for businesses to ensure their customers stay informed. Use additional items to create magnets that serve as helpful reminders and increase customer engagement. Turn everyday magnets into multifaceted informational tools with lists, charts, and other helpful content.

Let us help you boost your brand with a variety of magnetic promotional options. 


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