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Can Magnetic Sign Quality Effect Longevity?

Can Magnetic Sign Quality Effect Longevity?

The quality of a magnetic car sign can significantly impact its longevity. Higher-quality magnetic signs are made from durable materials and designed to withstand various environmental conditions. Here are some factors that contribute to the longevity of a magnetic car sign and how quality plays a role:

Thickness: Material that is 030 mil (or 30 mil as we refer to it in the sign industry) is the standard for use on vehicles. It is just flexible enough to conform nicely to the curvature of the vehicle. It is strong enough to withstand the elements, and stay firmly attached to your vehicle while you are driving within posted speed limits. Many of our competitors use a 15 mil sheeting which may deteriorate more quickly, leading to a shorter lifespan and potentially requiring more frequent replacement.

Printing Process: Magnetic signs printed directly to the magnetic material using UV inks are best to prevent fading and keep your prints looking great even after a year or often longer of sun exposure. 

Edges: Vehicle Magnets with rounded corners will hold better to your vehicle. The rounded corners also prevent the corners from curling upward, which can weaken the magnetic bond and allow air to get between the magnet and the vehicle. We round all of our magnetic signs at no extra cost to you. 

Contrary to belief, a high-quality magnetic car sign does not always to cost more, our affordable magnets are produced using the highest quality materials for less. Our signs offer increased durability and longevity at the same price points of lower-quality signs that many online companies are offering. Here at Accent Signs & Graphics, we have a 20+ year relationship with vendors and manufacturers that grant us savings that we pass directly on to our clients. This alone is enough to give us an edge above our competition, but we go a step further by offering excellent customer service and fast, free shipping.

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