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Business Card Magnets

Custom Business Card Magnets provide a long lasting alternative to traditional card stock cards. Magnetic business cards are kept for many years, in plain sight, as a daily reminder of your company. Don't let clients forget about you, or "lose your card". Instead help them with a handy product placement ad. 

With our magnets, your clients will easily be able to keep your information around for years–and you'll make an impression every time they open their fridge door. Offering a higher quality 030 mil magnetic material. our magnets are not paper thin, in fact, they are meant to hold paper to the fridge.

  • Custom Business Card Magnets

    Original price $30.00 - Original price $975.00
    Original price
    $30.00 - $975.00
    $30.00 - $975.00
    Current price $30.00

    Business card magnets are a better alternative to paper stock business cards because they "stick" around! Our magnets are unique from the rest, bec...

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