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Magnetic Signs: Benefits of Reflective Vs Non-Reflective

Magnetic Signs: Benefits of Reflective Vs Non-Reflective

Both reflective and non reflective magnetic signs are effective for advertising or for getting your message across. Depending on the circumstances, you may consider one over the other, but know that both are excellent choices.  
Visibility: Reflective magnetic signs are great for night time driving, or driving in lower light conditions because they do reflect light and have the best visibility overall. If you want the signs to be visible at all times, the reflective option would be the better of the two. The non-reflective magnetics are better suited for day time advertising only.  For the best impact it is suggested that magnetic signs are placed on both sides and the back of the vehicle, regardless if you select reflective or non-reflective signs. This will give the vehicle ad coverage on all possible sides and give you more exposure while you drive and park the vehicle.
Design: With new improved printing technology, both reflective and non-reflective magnets can be printed in full color with no design limitations. As far as design for either type of sign, we do suggest making it visibly appealing by using limited information so that the signs can be read and understood well from a distance. If you need assistance designing a magnetic sign, our team can help you with that. 
Durability:  Both reflective magnets and non-reflective magnets are extremely durable and meant for use outdoors.  The reflective signs are slightly more expensive due to material cost, but they do give you double the exposure. This is especially true if you are parked in a high traffic area, or driving in low light hours or inclement weather. 
Regardless of the material you choose for your magnetic signs, you will find either option will work to get your message across, though the reflective option will do that both day and night. 
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