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Magnetic Blanks and The Possibilities

Magnetic Blanks and The Possibilities

Magnetic blanks are exactly what they sound like: magnetic signs with nothing printed on the face, just a plain magnet. What the heck is the purpose of that? Who wants a big blank square? Maybe you!

Are you a business owner living in an area with an HOA that just won't let you be about covering up your advertising? Maybe a blank magnetic can cover that up for you and get those guys off your back. Do you have more than one vehicle you need to cover? We have you covered with our rolls of blank sheeting, which can be easily cut to size with plotters, die cutters, a razor blade and straight edge, or even heavy duty scissors.

Are you a postal worker? You know that ONE mailbox that dings your car door every single time? Problem solved with a magnetic blank! Put it on your door and don't give it another thought. Let our magnet give you a little peace of mind!

Our magnetic blanks are easily printed on if you have a printer that can handle the job (click here for printer profiles) or you can customize them with permanent markers. We also offer an indoor dry erase material, so you can make your own whiteboard fridge magnets! 

Magnetic blanks can be used in a multitude of ways, professionally and for fun. Being that we use only the strongest magnetic material in the industry, you can trust that whatever you use your blank for, it will be long lasting and look great!

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