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Care & Cleaning Magnetic Signs

Q. Do vehicles need special preparation prior to applying ProMag magnetic signs?
A. The painted metal vehicle surface and the black magnetic side of the sign should be free of dirt and completely dry. It is also advisable that the area where the magnetic signs are to be applied is waxed.

Q. What is the best way to apply the magnetic signs?
A. Let one edge of the magnetic sign contact eh vehicle in the desired position. Then let the power of the magnetic sign do the rest of the work by letting the sign lay flat from the edge where you started to the opposite edge of the magnetic sign. If the position the sign is in is not exactly where you would like it to be, simply peel it off and reposition the starting edge and repeat the above step to apply your magnetic sign. After you complete this step, make sure that the entire surface of the magnetic sign is completely smooth against the surface of the vehicle with no air pockets underneath. If you are applying the magnetic sign in colder temperatures or winter months, make sure the magnetic sign is above 50 degrees Fahrenheit before applying. The surface temperature of the vehicle does not matter when applying the magnetic car sign.

Q. What maintenance and cleaning procedures should be followed?
A. Remove the magnetic signs weekly and wipe dry both the magnetic side of the sign as well as the vehicle surface clean of any debris or moisture. During more warm and humid months, it is recommended that the signs be removed and cleaned every 3-4 days. This keeps moisture from collecting between the magnetic sign and the surface of the vehicle which in turn will prevent any damage from occurring to the vehicles paint. Cleaning the magnetic signs should consist of simply washing the magnetic side with mild detergent and warm water and then drying with a clean dry cloth. Always remove and inspect your magnetic car signs after a rain or snowfall.

Q. What special precautions should be taken when storing the magnetic signs?
A. Avoid wrinkling be storing in a 3 inch diameter roll with the printed side of the magnetic sign facing outward. Magnetic car signs can also be stored flat (recommended). UltralMag™ is permanently magnetic so you need not worry about protecting the magnetic sign against any type of magnetic destruction or losing the magnetic pull. All the rest is common sense such as not placing heavy objects on or against the magnetic signs while in storage. Do not leave the magnetic signs in a hot vehicle where the cabin temperature exceeds 120 degrees Fahrenheit.

In conclusion...
Magnetic signs must be removed and cleaned frequently. Failure to do so could damage the paint of your vehicle. Dust and moisture could develop between the magnetic car door sign and the vehicles paint and this must be removed. To clean your magnetic vehicle sign use a soft cloth and a gentle cleanser. Do not use harsh chemicals to clean the magnetic signs. For best results, please place magnetic vehicle signs on a completely flat surface.

*Accent Signs and Graphics, Inc. is not responsible for any misuse of magnetic material including all longevity issues related to improper cleaning and removal.

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